Comfort & Safety for your child
Antirutschmotive, temperaturanzeigend

anti-slip bath tub inlay

Tub mats
water-temperature indicating
blue: just right, white: too hot
light blue
1 set / 10 pieces

Möbelknopf, gummiert
Möbelknopf, grün

Furtiture knobs, natural rubber

light green / red / blue
safe for children,
incl. mounting material
4 pieces, diameter of 58 mm


Corner protection

white / beige / brown
reduces the risk of injury from sharp table or furniture corners,
self-adhesive, plastic
8 pieces, 25 mm


Outlet protection

for gluing in place
automatic, unlocking only by rotating the connector pins,
35 x 32 x 4 mm, 5 pieces, white

Sicherheitsverschluss für Schranktüren
Sicherheitsverschluss für Schranktüren

Safety lock for cabinet doors

Suitable for emergency stop buttons and bow-type handle,
plastic, 295x92x18mm, 1 piece silver

Sicherheitsverschluss für Kühlschränke

Fridge safety lock premium

designed specifically to secure refrigerators and other household aids,
that do not emit undue heat,
plastic, 195x95x20mm, 1 piece, silver

Schutzgitter, ausziehbar bis 140 cm

Safty guard, extensible up to 140cm

For stairs and doors,
inside and outside,
meshed plastic,
EN 1930 (2011), UV resistant,
height: ca. 800mm, capacity up to 25kg
1 piece, white

Sicherheitsverschluss für Ofen
Sicherheitsverschluss für Ofen

Safety lock

for oven
self-adhesive, turnable, for oven, microwave or dish washer
practice: Red=open, green=locked,
plastic, 198x120x26mm, 1 piece

Sicherheitsverschluss für Schubladen
Sicherheitsverschluss für Schubladen

Safety lock

For attachment concealed on cabinet doors and drawers,
fittings inclusive, Plastic,
80x25x20mm, 2 pieces