For everydey

  • Kitchen aids
  • Reachers, can and bottle openers
  • Donning aids
  • Zipper rings
  • Tube emptiers
  • Multifunction stopper "Windoor"

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For your child

  • Door / stair gate
  • Outlet cover
  • Drawer and cabinet door locks
  • Rubberized door handles
  • Corner protection

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For your home

  • Passage and movement alarm
  • Door and window locks
  • Camera dummies
  • Smoke and heat detectors

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On the go

  • LED lights
  • Walking sticks with LED light
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Carrying helper and bag holder
  • Shrill alarm annunciator
  • Walking stick holder and casings

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For your bathroom

  • Entry aids
  • Support and grab handles
  • Anti-slip strips
  • Special feet brushes

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